Production FAQs

Production FAQs

What is unique or special about Systems Control’s manufacturing environment?

Systems Control has a very safe, clean, and organized work environment. Our employees are very friendly and helpful. We take pride in creating high quality products that enable our utility customers to “keep the lights on” in communities across the globe.

Is Systems Control still hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, we are continuing to hire for our Production Talent and Office positions. We are considered “essential business” and have a responsibility to support the critical infrastructure of the electric utility industry.

What are the hours of the shifts available?

2nd Shift: Monday-Friday; 2:00PM-10:00PM

3rd Shift: Sunday night-Friday morning; 10:00PM-6:00AM

Are there part-time and full-time opportunities available?

Yes, there are Full-Time and Part-Time opportunities available. If you are interested in Part-Time opportunities, please ask HR about our “flex” workforce.

Is there an incentive to work on an “off shift”? Example: second or third shift

Yes. There is a differential offered for both 2nd and 3rd shifts.

With COVID-19, what precautions is Systems Control taking to ensure the safety of their workers?

Our COVID-19 Response Plan is quite extensive and covers a number of areas, including social distancing, sanitation and hygiene procedures. The COVID-19 Response Leadership Team meets on a weekly basis to discuss the latest developments and their impact on our Systems Control team.

What does “Production Talent” mean? Can I still apply if I do not have specific manufacturing experience?

“Production talent” is an umbrella term for all positions available in our manufacturing plant. Most positions do not require any prior experience.

What does “EE” mean on job titles?

EE is an abbreviation for Equipment Enclosures which is one of the products that we manufacture. These enclosures are steel structures that house the electrical panels we also manufacture.

What are the scheduled shifts we have openings for?

New hires would have the opportunity to work on 2nd shift or 3rd shift.

Do I get to pick my shift?

Shift assignment is based on production needs. However, we do our best to accommodate your 2nd or 3rd shift preference.

What benefits are offered for full-time employees?

Full-time employees receive a generous benefits package, including affordable health insurance, short-term disability, and life insurance. Other benefits include 401K/retirement plan, paid time off, dental/vision/accident/long-term disability insurance, and health savings account.

How many hours is part-time? Is part-time the same as flex?

Flexible Workforce employees can work up to 1,000 hours per calendar year.

Can part-time workers work during the day?

Part-Time Production Talent are part of our “Flexible Workforce”. We do our best to accommodate our employees’ availability, which may include any day-time hours.

What does “Flex” mean?

Flex is an abbreviation for Flexible Workforce. Many of our employees in this classification want part-time employment throughout the year or perhaps full-time but only seasonally. This is a great match for teachers, college students, construction workers, business owners who want to supplement their income, or anyone who may be interested in exploring a new career.

Do I need to be nicotine-free to work with Systems Control?

As of 2018, we no longer test for nicotine. We do, however, have a tobacco-free campus. The use of tobacco products at our facility or during your scheduled work time is prohibited.  We offer a free tobacco cessation program to support a healthy lifestyle for our employees.

If applying for “production talent” how it is determined which job I will be working for?

If you apply to the Production Talent posting, you will be considered for any/all of the specific job classifications. During our interview process, we seek to learn more about your knowledge, skills and abilities. Certain roles align well with certain skills sets and we also like to find a match with your areas of interest. On-the-job training is provided to hep you succeed in learning a new trade.

What opportunities does Systems Control offer to get involved in the community?

Systems Control proudly sponsors a variety of community events and programs. Many of our employees are actively involved in civic organizations, advisory boards for educational institutions, and volunteer efforts that support the diverse needs our of community. Our employees also contribute to fund-raising needs in the community with our “Systems Cares” program.

Childcare prevents me from working an off shift. Do you have childcare accommodations?

Systems Control sponsors the “Little Sparks” Child Care Center at the Northern Lights YMCA. Extended hours are provided and our employees receive discounted rates.