Engineering Services

Systems Control is your reliable engineering partner. Any project. Any scope. Any level of complexity.

Engineering Services

Systems Control is your reliable engineering partner. Any project. Any scope. Any level of complexity.

Meet your Engineering Support Team.


We have extensive experience in the protection and control of feeders, buses, transformers, capacitors, reactors, and line-relaying requiring step-distance, directional comparison blocking, direct transfer trip, and differential schemes.


Our microprocessor-based relay expertise includes all the major manufacturers: GE®, ABB®, AREVA®, Siemens and SEL®.


Our engineering disciplines extend beyond protection and control. Our team of experts also has the expertise to provide full substation engineering support.



Where Engineering Makes a Difference.

Watch this video to learn more about our Design Engineering and Engineering Services.

Field visits make a significant difference in the quality of the solutions we offer – that’s why we do them!

There is nothing quite like seeing the project firsthand. You have to go and see the site to engineer the project. Our design personnel understands the importance of on-site reviews and the lines of communication that are built when they meet with local engineering and operating and maintenance personnel.

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Relay Settings & Coordination

  • Development, coordination and settings developed across multiple systems, including SEL 5010, SEL AcSELerator, GE EnerVista, PTC MathCAD, ASPEN
  • Coordination studies for Distribution Transformer settings with Feeder Overcurrents
  • RTU Point assignments and configuration development
Man in field looking at electrical station

Station Engineering

  • Station layout
  • Structure and foundation designs
  • Soil analysis and site survey
  • Grounding systems
  • Conduit, cable, and raceway layouts
  • Oil containment systems
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Protection & Control

  • Oneline, AC/DC schematic, and wiring diagrams for the entire substation
  • Formal QA check of all P&C deliverables
  • Field Marked Prints / As-Built drawings
  • Critical lead time and/or emergency restoration
  • Manufacturing and procurement for each piece of P&C Equipment
Utilities will increasingly prefer using outside services from reliable partners because they have fewer internal resources. In-house options are labor and resource intensive, and that overhead could probably be used better elsewhere.
— Manager of Systems Planning, National Utility

Quality isn’t a box to check, it’s a commitment

From start to finish, a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Close up of hand adjusting a wire


Cut to length, labeled and placed into individual harnesses with exacting precision – that’s Systems Control. Every connection we make is functional and durable with outstanding craftsmanship.

Woman using wire bending apparatus


We take the extra step of testing every crimper, every shift, with every employee.

Man using a computer console to test a panel


Panel wiring, building wiring and integration – all tested with our North American leading Utility Benchmark standard.

Man in hard hat reviewing blueprint


ISO 9001:2015 certified through Orion Registrar, Inc.

Safety Always

Safety Always is paramount to our business and our number one Core Value. It’s something we all own: every employee, every minute, every day.

From our facility to our customers’ job sites, we know the more time we spend ensuring every connection, every wire, every panel, and every enclosure is built to the highest standard, the safer we keep every worker.

It’s good business, and it’s simply the right thing to do.

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