Equipment Enclosures

At Systems Control, we design, build, and test our turnkey control buildings all under one roof. Keeping all major production processes in-house gives us control over the quality of materials, the workmanship and the timeline. This means you get a product that meets our strict standards in the least amount of time possible.

We have the freedom to design Equipment Enclosures to your unique specifications for a truly customized solution. We aren’t restricted by the dimensions of prefabricated buildings or other outside vendor constraints.

Every component of your Equipment Enclosure is designed to work as a cohesive unit—not just a collection of different parts. Our assembly and wiring technicians complete every step with the pride and craftsmanship our customers have come to expect. All components, assemblies, and systems are then given a complete functional test to ensure they perform as an integrated whole and are in full compliance with our customer’s specifications.

Our customers appreciate only having to issue one purchase order for the entire job, but what they truly appreciate is an Equipment Enclosure with unmatched quality, customized to fit their exact needs.



Outdoor and Walk-In Enclosures

If your project requires a small footprint, our outdoor and walk-in enclosures are a great, low-cost alternative to our Equipment Enclosures.

Your enclosure will be custom-designed and built to meet your exact specifications, and all of our designs ensure easy access for field personnel from both front and rear. Options include relay panels, AC/DC panel boards, HVAC units, and battery equipment.

Advanced construction and insulation protect your valuable equipment from the elements, including extreme temperatures, condensation, ice, and snow.



Relay and Control Products

Built with the same attention to detail, our relay and control products include modular rack front panels, solid front panels, duplex panels, rack panels, and plates.

Like all of our products, relay and control panels from Systems Control are custom-designed and built to meet your exact specifications. Our design teams use sophisticated software to ensure each step of the manufacturing process meets our exacting standards and your specifications. From fabrication to final test, our engineering teams will work with your technical staff to give you what all of our customers have come to expect—extraordinary customer service.

Engineering Services

Our engineering, design and administrative support teams are aligned by customer to work seamlessly alongside your team to meet and exceed expectations.

Our microprocessor-based relay expertise includes all the major manufacturers: GE®, ABB®, AREVA®, and SEL®. We also have extensive experience with relaying products involved in the protection and control of feeders, buses, transformers, capacitors, reactors, and line-relaying requiring step-distance, directional comparison blocking, direct transfer trip, and differential schemes. Our staff can produce an entire substation protection and control drawing package including one-line drawings, three-line drawings, DC schematics, wiring diagrams, cable schedules, component layouts, and steel designs using AutoCAD® and MicroStation® and specialized 3-D drawings using Creo® Parametric. Our staff can also perform fault analysis and coordination studies along with developing settings for most station relays. Our expert knowledge and industry experience allow us to tackle the greatest challenges with the confidence that comes from decades of experience and deep technological understanding of the problems our customers face.

Lastly, we firmly believe that field visits can make a significant difference in the solutions we offer. Our design personnel understand the importance of on-site reviews and the lines of communication that are built when they meet with local operating and maintenance personnel. There is nothing quite like seeing the problems firsthand.

Going Beyond Electric

Our solutions help energy companies deliver power from nature to consumer.

Systems Control first began manufacturing control panels for the electric industry. As the means of producing, transporting, and consuming energy have evolved, so have the markets we serve. Utility markets, renewable sources, oil, gas, petrochemical, and telecommunications are all important parts of our business. We take great pride in knowing that our products help control the equipment that our customers use to pull energy from its source and send it to the consumer.

And today we’re evolving further by expanding into energy storage. We are manufacturing enclosures capable of holding 2 megawatts of energy to be used when demand peaks, delivering grid-scale power at a moment’s notice.

We like to think about how the markets we serve today will be different tomorrow. Our ability to design and manufacture custom products keeps us in the forefront of the ever-changing landscape our customers face. We welcome the challenge, because we’re powered by people.

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